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von Itzstein, G. Stewart. Introduction of High Level Concurrency Semantics in Object Oriented Languages, PhD Thesis Submitted January 5 2005
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von Itzstein, G., Stewart and M. Jasiunas (2003). On Implementing High Level Concurrency in Java. Advances in Computer Systems Architecture 2003, Aizu Japan, Springer Verlag.
pdf - Slides

von Itzstein, G. Stewart. and D. Kearney (2002). Applications of Join Java. Proceedings of the Seventh Asia Pacific Computer Systems Architecture Conference ACSAC'2002. Melbourne, Australia, Australian Computer Society: 1-20.
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Hopf, J., von Itzstein, G. Stewart. et al. (2002). Hardware Join Java: A High Level Language For Reconfigurable Hardware Development. International Conference on Field Programmable Technology, Hong Kong.
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von Itzstein, G. Stewart. and Kearney, David (2001). Join Java: An Alternative Concurrency Semantic for Java, University of South Australia Technical Report ACRC-01-001.
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von Itzstein, G., Stewart (2000). Implementation of Join Semantics in Java :slides, University of South Australia, Advanced Computing Research Center.

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